15 Artists I discovered in 2019 and still listen to

Meghan Patrick

Meghan came to my attention due to an unfortunate incident with a fan at a show of hers and I was impressed with her willingness to stand up for herself (as she should) but I checked out her music as a result and she is gooood! She released an EP in 2019 that I’m still playing.

Don’t Miss: “Things I Shouldn’t Say” and “I Don’t Look at Him”

Gabby Barrett

She blew me away with “I Hope” and deservedly, she just celebrated her first career #1 with the excellent break-up song.

Maddie Wilson

Haven’t heard a bad song yet but the one that allowed me to discover her is “RIP”. But I also really love “Going Going Gone” which is her new one!

Kalsey Kulyk

She got my attention with “Bad Liar” and I haven’t looked back. Check out “Look at her now”. Loved her even more once I found out she loves Shania. I mean, who doesn’t? But still.

Courtney Shields

Her song “Messy” is easy to get stuck in your head. People ask if you should listen to the devil or angel on your shoulder but this dives into what would happen if you listen to both! She also has a ballad called “Miss You Sometimes” that is great as well.

Allie Colleen

Allie came to my attention I think the same way she did for others – through her father but she held my attention due to her unique voice and her desire to earn her music career. It takes a lot of guts to pursue a career in music when your father is Garth Brooks and your bonus mom is Trisha Yearwood.

Allie’s first single is called “Work in Progress” and it’s about understanding that you’re trying to be a better person and figure who you are every day.

But her latest “Along the Way” is a great heartbreak song.

Hailey Whitters

I can’t remember how I found Hailey’s “Ten Year Town” which talks about the crushing environment of Nashville if you don’t get success in the 10 years that is expected but also perseverance.

And she just released her debut album this year and it is so, so good!

Allison Veltz

This song is so relatable and as she explains in this video it can be relatable in different ways. And her voice is so good.

Chloe Gilligan

This is the only song I’ve heard from Chloe but I was hooked. She has just a little bit of rasp in her voice and I love that.

Livy Jeanne

This woman is so talented. This is the song that got me hooked on her. Although posted in 2018, I found it in 2019. I then devoured every video on Song Suffragettes and that she has out there to purchase. They’re all this good.


Tiera is a breath of fresh air. The first song I heard from her last year was Wake Up Call. Later on I found this song/video and really fell in love with her. She has a new song out this year too!

Emily Weisband

I already loved this song because I’m a Carly Pearce fan and she did a duet with the Josh Abbott Band so I was surprised to see this video but it’s always great to hear the writers sing their own songs.

She put out an EP last year that is great is at least marketed as pop.

Madeline Merlo

This song is just the tip of the iceberg from Madeline. Made me fall in love with her voice. She has 3 new songs out now that were just released last week!

Candi Carpenter

This song is perfection. I’ve been a Candi fan ever since I came across this by chance.

SJ McDonald

“When you treat me like a lady, then I’ll treat you like a man”. That’s really all that needs to be said. SJ is such a talent.

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