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Meghan Patrick is a Warner Music Canada recording artist. In addition to her two year reign as the CCMA Female Artist of the Year, Meghan has been nominated for 8 CCMA awards including Album of the Year nominations for both of her studio albums.  She recently received Juno Award nominations for Country Album of the Year and Breakthrough Artist.

I had heard her latest single but I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of hearing more about her. She got my attention this weekend when I watched a video where she called out a person in the crowd for a disrespectful comment unrelated to the music and told him to leave (she used other language).

If you want to watch part of the encounter, the video is below but please be advised that is does contain language that may be NSFW.

She went on to explain the situation in an Instagram post here:

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Ok, I’m about to get really real here for a second. I’m gonna use some choice words, and probably some run-on sentences because I got a whole 30 mins of sleep last night and I’m exhausted… not sorry. More days than not, I’d say I feel confident in my ability to do this for a living, and do it well. But some days, It breaks me a little. Last night I got to headline Hagersville Rocks… it’s an incredible festival run by great people, in a great town, and I’d been seriously looking forward to it. The night started out with a great interaction with a particular fan in the crowd, so I want to shout out to Ian, my drinking buddy. You were so energetic, positive, respectful, and singing every word, and it made me so happy. In fact, I saw a lot of happy, enthusiastic faces out there last night, even if it was less than I’d hoped, due to our very delayed late set. Then, in the midst of that incredible high…I hear someone obnoxiously yelling out “show me your tits” from the crowd. I saw red. I stopped playing and asked for the lights to be put on the crowd, and demanded that whoever said it, own up to it. He was quickly pointed out to me, so I told him to get the fuck out. Despite the incredible roar of the crowds support, the situation still broke my heart a little. This is not a hobby. This is my livelihood, my heart and soul. I give everything I have into the songs I write and my performances. To have something that means so much to me be degraded to that? Fuck that. And fuck the guy who said that. I have worked my ass off for a long time to get to the point where I earned a headlining slot. I EARNED it. And I deserved a hell of a lot more respect than that. Moral of the story… be like Ian. Or I will call your pathetic ass out and send you home, because I can, and because fuck you. On a positive note: words can’t describe my appreciation for the incredible audience that did stay for the long haul and partied with me after a very long, very hot day. Thank you, You guys rock ??⚡️ #WildAsMe #BeLikeIan ?: @billwoodcock

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So, Meghan, after all of that, you have my attention. We applaud the guts it takes to call this guy out AND tell him to GTFO. You are absolutely right, you deserve respect. Let’s hope this guy learned a lesson.

NOW, hopefully Meghan has your attention too. She has a single out “Wild as Me”. Watch the video and then stream or buy using our link below. And don’t forget to check out her other music!

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